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The State Duma was called to tell in schools about the dangers of masturbation

This is planned to be done within the framework of lessons on sexual literacy.

As the first deputy chairman of the State Duma Committee for Education and Science reports , the problem has become very widespread among young people. He noted that the information on the Internet provokes teenagers to masturbate. Fighting this is at the level of educational institutions and families, Onishchenko added.

The Internet today is not only so narrowly specialized about masturbation, masturbation, it corrupts in all parameters. This topic is very delicate.

As part of the general sex education of children, this should be done, explaining the damage, because there is a risk determined for the sexual health of the child, both boys and girls.

We need to work with parents who, under normal conditions in the family, can trace this phenomenon and adequately prophylact and mitigate it.

The problem is objective, it consists in the fact that the maturation of children occurs early enough, and then there are big scissors between their puberty and the possibility of officially entering into intercourse contacts

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