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The Russian mate is live on American TV and again the third of September. Autumn events in meme

The next third of September is long behind, however the legendary Mikhail Shufutinsky with his unfading hit is still on horseback. He’s almost like Frank Sinatra or Michael Jackson, just better. On that memorable day of 2018, the song “September 3” took the lead on the iTunes and Yandex.Music charts.

And again the third of September

This meme is waiting for everyone, the first of April is resting – the jokes about the white back are bored with everything, but it’s not going to wither on the third September. Although, of course, not everyone is happy with the words stuck in the head from the song.

Mikhail Shufutinsky himself can not explain the reason for the popularity of the composition. But it just so happened.

П *****, н ****, б ****!

How good Elizabeth Olsen as an actress, we will not judge. But here is the fact that recently it was naturally annealed live on American TV – a fact. Cute conversing with Conan’s leading Conan Conan O’Brien, Elizabeth talked about the first words she learned in Russian. Then the American was studying at the Moscow Art Theater School and, of course, she could not resist the temptation to deflower.

Unfortunately (or fortunately), we can not publish the original record here, so we will limit ourselves to the “zapikannoy” version and a link to the video that was watched by millions of users.

And here is a fragment of the video in which Elizabeth regrets the ears (18+).

The heat is gone

This year the weather pleased the Belarusians well very long – the heat was kept to the last, and then the autumn came unexpectedly. I must say, it treats us very loyal, not flooding with endless rains. At least for now. Yes, gloomy, but not horror-horror-horror … There is still six months of winter ahead, just about to

Let’s remember how it was.

“Here is the GTA in the center of the city!”

In mid-September, an ancient Audi with Russian numbers made noise in Minsk. “There’s GTA in the center of the city!” – then said one of the readers
. Pursuit was conducted from Zaslavl to Zhudro Street in Minsk. Here the driver was finally stopped: he was a Belarusian citizen born in 1953.

Later, Interior Minister Igor Shunevich  told reporters that “the staff acted legitimately (this goes without saying, the assessment is given) and professionally enough, because no one has suffered, and this is the most important thing.”

But it could be so:

Or so:

But not so:

And for such an offender you can run forever:

What was it, Elon Musk?

As soon as they do not call Elon Musk. For some, he is a charlatan, for others – a successful businessman, others consider him a person who sees the future. But most recently he surprised, probably, all. Elon allowed himself to relax, and how! The main thing that did it was the founder of SpaceX with a very serious face. At first …

New big iPhone

Apple once again pleased fans of its products, having rolled out as many as three “iPhones” at any time for every taste and color. Not everyone is happy with innovations, design and prices, but this still did not stop anyone from buying the treasured piece of iron.

But in some new “iPhones” (and in some countries) there is support for two SIM-cards.

I’m a cow

What do you need to become popular? Just sing a fun song. Millions of views are guaranteed. At the same time, you can engage in the promotion of a healthy lifestyle (probably) and regular consumption of milk.

Seal, octopus and kayaker

What can go wrong when you travel on open water? Yes all. This was proved by the kayaker, who met the provocative fur seal. He decided to play and spanked an uninvited guest octopus. On the face! The video began to disperse on the Internet. And at the same time to promote GoPro.

Did you hear something wrong either?

At last a little cat-and-dog subjects:

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