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The Chinese woman wanted to jump off the balcony. Rescuers drove her back into the apartment with a hose

In China, a very high death rate from suicide among women.

One of the rescuers hanging from the next balcony and using a stick tried to push the girl into the apartment, but she returned back. After that, she was hit by a powerful jet from a fire hose.

Why the girl wanted to jump off the balcony (this was the fourth floor) is not reported, but it is known that she was later provided with medical assistance. Before that, they tried to persuade her not to jump for half an hour.

In March 2018 in another region of China there was a similar event: the fireman hung from the balcony and kicked the girl into the apartment, who was about to jump down.

According to WHO data for 2008, suicide cases in China accounted for 26% of all suicides in the world, especially in rural areas, and women made them more often than men (according to various sources, 25-40% more often) – about 500 a man was dying every day. Although it was statistically more likely that men committed suicide in the West (in the UK suicide cases among men account for 75% of the total statistics), in China women are much harder to get education than men, culture dictates the need for them to marry early, and all their lives they are either otherwise depend on men – fathers, superiors and husbands.

Since 2010, suicide mortality in China has been falling, but scientists believe that official state statistics underestimate death statistics, while real numbers are higher (although they still show a downward trend).

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