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Part of the users who updated Telegram users of iOS 12 faced a completely inoperative application

It either hangs with a white screen, or does not open at all.

The problem concerns the version of Telegram 5.0.8 for iOS , released on September 28. Representatives of the service confirmed the presence of problems and suggested that they could be related to migration of the client from the platform written in the Objective C programming language to Swift (both native for iOS).

“If we [rolled out a new version of the application] on Tuesday, a lot more people would be exposed to a bug. By the way, the automatic update has been suspended so far – only those who manually enter the application page will receive the new version “

Telegram stopped the automatic updating of the client, and although you can manually upgrade to version 5.0.8, the company is advised not to do it yet.

In the update Telegram 5.0.8, the service developers changed the appearance of notifications inside the messenger (now they can be opened), changed the counter of unread messages (now it defaults to the number of unread chats, not messages), decreased battery consumption of the smartphone and accelerated synchronization of chats those that are unmemorized synchronize faster than the mute ones). In addition, the chats changed the animation when navigating.

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