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Lego has developed designers for adults. They look more complex than children’s and can be used in the interior

At their production, the company collects money with crowdsfunding.

Lego introduced the designers of the Forma series – these are mechanical models in which there are parts with complex structure, moving parts and decorative elements. In the first series we are talking about fish models: for example, sharks and carp.

Models consist of 294 parts: after assembly, they can be set in motion, imitating the habits of fish. The constructor assembles on a special stand that can be put on a table or shelf.

In addition to the ready-made decorative elements, Forma supports the use of self-made ones – the company believes that this will stimulate creativity.

So far, the designer is in the prototype stage: the final series has not yet gone into production. Lego Group accepts pre-orders through Indiegogo : there is no sum of the project (only the number of participants), but according to calculations, backers ordered from the company of designers for more than 210 thousand dollars.

Delivery kits will be available from January 2019.

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