How much faster did the Apple Watch Series 4

Last week, Apple launched sales of the updated generation of smart watches Apple Watch Series 4. In addition to the updated design, a wearable accessory received a more productive S4 chip.

The MacRumors edition decided to compare the performance of all the watches that Apple produced in the last three years.

In comparison, the original Apple Watch, released in 2015, the updated model Series 1, Series 2 and last year’s Series 3 took part.

Download speed. The test for “cold” loading – the inclusion of Apple Watch.

  • Series 4 – 51 seconds
  • Series 3 – 2 minutes 18 seconds
  • Series 2 – 3 minutes 47 seconds
  • Series 1 – (unexpectedly) 3 minutes 19 seconds
  • Series 0 – 5 minutes 8 seconds

The gain in download speed is obvious. Compared with the previous generation of smart watches, Apple managed to almost 2.5 times to accelerate their download. Worthy.

The speed of responses in Siri. The speed of processing requests for Series 4 and Series 3 is almost identical. Flagship watches are only slightly ahead of last year’s model. The slowest were the models of Series 0 and Series 1. To use such an assistant is clearly inconvenient.

Opening applications. Series 4 is significantly ahead of the Series 3 when loading standard applications. Last year’s model sometimes takes a few seconds to open the built-in programs, while Series 4 does it instantly.

The older the model, the slower the applications run. It is quite logical.

Start the camera. Owners of Series 0 to manage the iPhone’s camera will have to cure the nervous system. Opening the application takes too much time.

The Series 4 is smooth and fast. One there and in a moment the application is open.

Journalists strongly recommend that you update to the Apple Watch Series 4 for those who still use the “zero”, first and second generations. The gain in productivity and comfort from work will be noticeable.

But the owners of Series 3 can not rush. Yes, Series 4 works faster, but the difference is more modest. MR ]

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