Here everything that Apple showed at the presentation of the iPhone Xs

That started the main autumn event of Apple – the presentation of the new iPhone . Today at the Steve Jobs Theater we will see several smartphone models and other interesting gadgets.

Recently, Apple is starting to depart more and more from Jobs standards, planned plums and leaks several days before the presentation, almost 100% make it clear which gadgets to wait at the event.

A cheerful start with a humorous clip under the track from the film “Mission Impossible” and the presentation kicked off.


According to the tradition, at the start of the presentation a portion of statistics is given out.

This time, Tim Cook told about the wonderful Apple Store, which serves 500 million people a year.

The number of devices running iOS has exceeded 2 billion .

Actually, this is all the statistics for today, it’s strange that it did not ridicule Android.

Apple Watch 4

Next in line is Apple Watch. The fourth generation watches were exactly the same as on the recent leaks.

The display became larger, and a new informative dial was added to the system. I wonder if it will be available for hours of previous generations.

Now in Apple Watch there is a dial for lovers of wapping (with animation of colored smoke). Seriously, is not it too late?

Do not forget to update the filling of the clock, so that the performance of the gadget is doubled.

The new chip is the recognition of the user’s fall . If the tricky fall detection mechanism has worked, the clock will help in a few seconds.

The owner of the watch must quickly recover and cancel the call.

US doctors are already waiting for an increase in the number of calls to ice.

And here is the first emeyzing – the clock has learned to record the user’s electrocardiogram .

The sensor is integrated in the Digital Crown .

This is necessary to prevent possible illnesses and worsening of the health of the user.

In the end, they said that with all the new chips, Apple Watch will work from one charge no worse than the previous ones (the whole day) and showed a cool video with the voice acting of Joni Aiva .

Thank you, that the straps did not make a new size. Old with AliExpress is perfect for Apple Watch 4.

Start sales of the watch is scheduled for September 21 , the price of new items – from $ 499 .

Read more about Apple Watch 4 here

iPhone Xs and iPhone Xs Max

The iPhone was named the smartphone number 1 in the world , the satisfaction rating of users was 98% .

The name of the first model, the look and even the new wallpaper have been confirmed.

Body colors: gold, gray and silver.

They waited, the iPhone got a moisture protection standard IP68 , you can safely swim with a smartphone, sink it in soda, wine and even beer.

Under the guarantee, most likely, it will not be accepted.

And here comes the second iPhone Xs Max with a 6.5-inch display.

The performance of the new iPhone is now answered by the first 7-nanometer chip – A12 Bionic .

Performance is 50% more than the predecessor, as much as 5 trillion computing operations per second.

The maximum storage capacity is 512 GB .

Now we decided to remind about iOS 12 and about the most interesting chips of the system .

The word was given to the advanced developers of mobile applications.

One-button Elder Scrolls: Blades with cool graphics is not surprising, but the sports AR-application that can count ball hits in the ring, mark place shots and give detailed statistics of the game looks great.

Revealed and the first multiplayer game with augmented reality.

It’s about the iPhone camera. A slightly improved system with a dual module should make better images. As usual, the result will be slightly better than the previous generation.

A powerful processor allows you to implement a new software chip – Smart HDR . Pictures in contrast lighting and in traffic should become even steeper, here is an example:

Another program feature of the new camera is the aperture adjustment slider . Background blur can be flexibly adjusted after shooting.

And the iPhone Xs can record stereo sound .

The battery life is as much as 30 minutes longer than the iPhone X. The iPhone Xs Max with an extended battery can give up to an hour and a half without recharging a day in addition.

Another expected emeyzing – support for 2 SIM cards . For the whole world, one SIM card + eSIM (electronic programmable), and for China – two SIM card slots.

We order tickets to the Celestial Empire for the start of sales!

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iPhone Xr

The last iPhone, which was also waiting for was the iPhone Xr .

Index model is required to 6.1-inch Liquid Retina display. The best LCD-screen on the market (according to Apple).

The model has a 12-megapixel camera, A12 Bionic processor, Face ID (as in the iPhone X) and IP67 waterproof .

We remember: “iPhone 10 es,” “iPhone 10 es max” and “iPhone 10 ar”. No X-es or X-er, please.

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The most interesting is the price:

  • iPhone Xr from $ 749 , start sales only on October 26 ;
  • iPhone Xs from $ 999 – pre-order from September 21 ;
  • iPhone Xs Max from $ 1099 – pre-order from September 21 ;

The launch of iPhone Xs in Russia is scheduled for September 28 !

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