Yutubery is in shock. iPhone XS almost does not crash in crash tests

YouTube blogger JerryRigEverything is known for its checks on the strength of flagship smartphones with the help of knives and knives. At the same time, Jerry decided to conduct a full drop test of the iPhone XS.

According to those who have already dropped the iPhone XS on asphalt, the novelty from Apple practically does not get damaged.

In a position where the iPhone XS is on your lap, you get up and it falls on the asphalt, the smartphone quietly withstood the landing on the steel frame. The display is intact, the glass cover is undamaged.

The condition of the rear cover after 7 falls is impressive.

The fall from the height of the pocket of the trousers caused only a couple of small chips on the glass lid. Repeated fall – and again no damage.

One of the most severe falls was the landing from the height of the ear level. The iPhone XS fell flat on the back side. The height was about one and a half meters. And again without damage! Repeated fall … And the smartphone is still alive and well.

The blogger repeated the fall two more times, releasing the smartphone from his hands from the same height. And again without damage.

There is a feeling that the iPhone XS is made of titanium. Split the smartphone after an accidental fall on the asphalt from a height of up to one and a half meters is almost impossible. Bravo, Apple.

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