Wireless charging for iPhone in the form of a “magic circle”

Super 2 “Magic Array Charger” Twitter fever! Netizens beg for commercialization🔯

Whether it is possible to cause the devil so far is unknown.

Wireless charging technology is developing today, we are all looking for a charging opportunity when we stop, but for our ACG house, if you can charge while you play, you can do it. Today, this Magic Circle Charger will satisfy your secondary ambitions.

That’s right! Where can I buy it? It is a pity that the 6-second store is actually the work of Japan’s Chocolate-inc. Image Studio. That is to say, the illuminating effect in the film is actually a post-production CG effect. Yes, this is a concept film that I can’t buy.

The new work released by Twitter and YouTube from the 6-second store (@6sec_shop), “Magic Array Charger”, just put your phone, not only will automatically charge, but also start the magic array.

Yes, this “Magic Array Charger” is actually not a real product, but an image. But I really have to admire the 6-second shop plan. If this charger can be actually commercialized, just fill it up. Explosion, I believe it is definitely a sales guarantee.

After watching the video, I believe that Zhong 2 can not only save the world, but also save the economy.

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