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US Senate Judiciary Committee recommended Brett Cavanaugh to the position of US Supreme Court Justice

At the end of the two-day hearings, the voting of representatives of two parties (11 Republicans and 10 Democrats) ended in favor of Brett Cavanaugh. Previously, the candidature of Cavanaugh was supported by Donald Trump.

Brett Cavanaugh during a hearing in the US Senate. Photo: Reuters

In Washington, hearings ended, based on accusations of Dr. Christine Blazy Ford in sexual harassment and rape by Brett Cavanaugh, while she was a teenager. Later, several other women joined the accusations, who also told about similar incidents that they had with Cavanaugh, but they did not find the necessary confirmation.

Judge Cavanaugh showed America why I nominated him. His performance was powerful, honest and exciting. Democracy Strategy. aimed at destruction, is disgraceful, and this process has become an absolutely false attempt to obstruct and resist (to Cavanaugh’s appointment). The Senate must vote! ”
During the meeting in the Senate, journalists and supporters of Dr. Ford organized their own protest to the figure of Cavanaugh and a possible decision on his candidacy.

A deafening protest in the Senate building during the hearings

Cavanaugh himself refused to be present in the hall during the speech of Christine Ford, considering all these accusations as insolent lies, directed, first of all, on Trump himself. Ford claimed that because of Cavanaugh she was anxious, claustrophobic and symptomatic of post-traumatic stress disorder. Cavanaugh’s speech, which was scheduled after Dr. Ford’s speech, lasted 45 minutes and was the first public appearance after the accusations brought against him. In addition to defending against the charges, Cavanaugh also spoke against the democrats – evil, smeared, duplicitous, abusing the legal procedure. Cavanaugh also added that the FBI investigation will not rely solely on words, since they have all the resources to establish what he did that night.

I have no doubt that Dr. Ford may have been sexually assaulted by some person in some place. But I’ve never done this with her, or with anyone else.

Brett Cavanaugh
Candidate for the position of Supreme Judge of the United States
Christine Ford said at the hearing that she was afraid of him because he threatened to rape her or kill her again.

Asked about the details of the day, which she will never forget, Ford spoke of the bright details captured in her memory.

Staircase. Living room. Bedroom. The bed is on the right side of the room. In the bathroom … laughter. Awful laughter. Numerous attempts to escape.

Christina Ford

Despite most of the Republicans, they did not have a clear opinion before the hearings. Some members of the republican majority had doubts about Cavanaugh’s candidacy, but changed their minds following the hearing.

Dozens of protesters against Cavanaugh’s appointment to the Supreme Court.

This approval plays into the hands of the Republicans, who needed it, on the eve of the midterm elections in the United States.

The American Bar Association urged the Senate to postpone the vote until after the FBI investigation, to avoid further legal delay. Information to begin the investigation was forwarded to the FBI representatives on 12 September.

Some Democrats were dissatisfied with the decision and the actions of the Republicans during the hearings. The Democrat from Connecticut, Senator Richard Blumenthal, spoke in favor of postponing the ballot for another term in order to give an opportunity to call to account new witnesses on the charges brought forward. Senator from California, Dianne Fainstein did not hide her disappointment, blaming Republicans for concealing many details on the case, which Democrats later learned from other sources.

Judge Cavanaugh used as much political rhetoric as my colleagues (Republicans, author’s note). It was not the person who reflected an impartial temperament or justice, an impartiality that could be seen in the judge.

Dianne Fainstein
Member of the Senate from the State of California

Senator Republican from Arizona Jeff Flake, after voicing support Cavanaugh faced in an elevator with two women who identified themselves as survivors of sexual violence. One of the women said that she had learned from her own experience that Dr. Christine Ford, accusing a judge of sexual violence when they were both teenagers, was telling the truth.

Women oppose Senator Jeff Flake after he says he will vote for Cavanaugh: “this is what you tell all women in America that they do not matter. They should keep it to themselves, because if they told the truth, you would still help this person come to power.

Now, the candidacy of Brett Cavanaugh should be approved by the enlarged Senate (consisting of representatives of each state), where Republicans also have a minimal advantage. However, there is an unofficial hurdle, which is that Senator Flake asked to postpone the vote for a while, to be able to give the FBI time to investigate. At the same time, he added that the outcome of the investigation depends on his position in the Senate vote.

Upon completion of the appointment procedure, Brett Cavanaugh will receive for life about $ 250,000 a year, and also, with a high probability, lose the right to teach law at Harvard. Cavanaugh will become the second judge of the Supreme Court during the reign of Trump. Earlier, a 50-year-old judge of the Gorsukh was confirmed. In the event of the final appointment of Cavanaugh, the Republicans will strengthen their influence in the Supreme Court.

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