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“Straight? On Twitter? “: As an official social network account communicates with users

Ironic remarks, conversations with “God” and jokes about the tweet editing button.

@Twitter’s official account has more than 55 million Twitter subscribers. And in recent months, not only standard messages about changes in the service are appearing there, but also answers to tweets of other users that somehow belong to the social network. Employees in an ironic manner write to both celebrities and ordinary people without a large number of subscribers.

For example, on September 23, one user wrote that because of the large number of homosexuals in the subscriptions, she sometimes forgets that there are “straight people” on Twitter. Twitter responded.

“Straight? On Twitter? Never heard of them ”
Representatives of the microblogging service had previously corresponded with users from the official account, but in September 2018 they began to do this much more often. Mostly they pay attention to records with the words “Twitter”, “tweet” or “tweet” – it is not necessary to mark @Twitter.

“Wayne:” Twitter. ” Twitter: Wayne

“User:” I ask, Twitter, do you know this song ?? “. Twitter: “Yes” »

“User:” When I see tweets in the RETWEEN style OR HAPPEN, I very quickly flip through them and pretend that I have not read it. And, therefore, nothing will happen. ” Twitter: “It sounds reasonable” ”

“User:” You never tweeted me. ” Twitter: “You never tweeted us” ”

“(In response to the sent gifku) Thank you for our nightmares»

“User:” I will never delete Twitter. ” Twitter: “This is us after sending a tweet” ”

“Wendy’s diner account:” Tweet, eat. ” Twitter: “Repeat” »

“User:” Stop watching me. ” Twitter: “We always follow” ”

“User:” Therapist: expensive. Use Twitter as a diary and include your favorite songs on the replay: for free. ” Twitter: “Therapist: expensive. Revelations on Twitter: free of charge “”

“User:” 2018, and I still can not believe that Twitter is free. ” Twitter: “Apply” ”
Sometimes for the answer it is enough gifki.

(In response to a request to Twitter to help with homework)

“User:” My dog ​​also loves you, Twitter “”

User:” Laikni this tweet, if you like him. Retwitney this tweet, if you want to retwit. I just want to see how many people like this Tweet or retwit this tweet “”
Sometimes Twitter in its account launches the game. For example, proposes to continue the proposal.

«User:” The Queen “. Twitter: … Beyonce ”

“User:” Curious. ” Twitter: “… Raccoon” »

“The account of the beer brand Budweiser:” Beer “. Twitter: “… * whisper * Always please”
One of the topics for jokes from the official Twitter account is the playing of constant requests to edit tweets.

«User:” Editing? “»

«… Button»
In this regard, the service staff even entered into a squabble with the author of the profile of “God.”

“God:” So, so! See who decided to recognize me after all these years. Hello, Twitter. I’m God. Give me a blue tick, or your little planet will pay. ” Twitter: “What about the edit button, which we pray about?” ”
And, of course, it does not do without the communication of Twitter and its founder Jack Dorsey.

“The first drawing of Jack, where we are depicted. 2005 year. We love you, Dad! ”

“Dorsey:” My mom twitil more often than you. ” Twitter: “Call. Accepted “”

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