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Scientists have created a powerful magnetic field, but the generator exploded

Japanese scientists were able to achieve a record for laboratory conditions of the magnetic field index with induction at 1200 Tesla. The experiment was conducted at the University of Tokyo last spring, but its results were published only recently. To create a powerful magnetic field, a special instrument was developed, but it exploded.

It is noted that the failure of the generator was projected, but the engineers did not expect the mini-explosion that occurred. As well as the achieved indices of induction: according to the project, it should have amounted to 700 Tesla, but the total figure suddenly rose to 1200 Tesla.

“With indicators above 1000 Tesla, there are quite interesting prospects, ” said Dr. Sejiro Takiyama. In particular, one can observe the motion of electrons in uncharacteristic conditions. Installations of controlled thermonuclear fusion also become closer.

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