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Report from social networks: Passenger plane in Micronesia, rolled into the sea when landing on the island

The passengers got off with light injuries.


After landing on the island of Vienna in the state of Chuuk, Micronesia, the Boeing 737-800 aircraft rolled into the sea. On board the flight PX73 of Air Niugini, there were 36 passengers and 11 crew members.

The liner departed from Tokyo in the direction to Papua New Guinea via Vienna. He landed on the island around 01:30 Moscow time. At Vienna, the plane did not slow down and rolled out beyond the runway and land. As the publication TVNZ, to stop on land, the liner was not enough 160 meters.

At the accident no one was killed. People themselves began to get out of the cabin, soon after, they were evacuated by local fishermen. Passengers and crew did not suffer serious injuries.

@nagarjund @nagarjund Photos of Akane San, Reuters @Tavurvur @burebasgal

Journalist Ethan Clapper published a July video of his voyage, showing how difficult it is to slow down when landing on this island.

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