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Report from Instagram: Oktoberfest-2018

Beer, Weiswurst, Dirdle and Lederhose.

Photo by @laineydecker

At the end of September, the traditional Oktoberfest started in Germany – the most famous folk festival in the world. It is celebrated all over the world, but it is especially active in Munich: townspeople and tourists dress in traditional clothes (dirndles – dresses with lacing, and lederhose – leather pants on straps), hold farewells and drink about seven million liters of beer in special tents on Terezinom meadow. The national Bavarian dishes, like stewed cabbage, Weisswurst sausages and pretzels, are very popular during the holiday.

On Teresin meadow in the days of Oktoberfest often celebrities pass by. In 2018, among them was Arnold Schwarzenegger, who flew to Munich with his son.

As in the previous year, there are security measures in place at the holiday: additional barriers have been installed on the passes, personal items are checked at the entrance and they are asked not to take large bags and backpacks with them.

Due to its color, the holiday is very popular with tourists: in 2018, according to preliminary data of the organizers, about six million people will take part in it.


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