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Police of the Netherlands detained 7 people who planned to carry out a terrorist attack on the territory of the country

According to the intelligence they are suspected of planning a major attack using hand grenades, automatic weapons and belts with explosives

Men, aged 21-34, were detained by armed police forces in the cities of Arnhem, about 100 km south of Amsterdam, and Werth, near the borders of Belgium and Germany, after almost six months of harassment by the authorities.
Three of the seven suspects had previously been arrested, after trying to join foreign fighters in hot spots. The main suspect was a 34-year-old from Iraq, who was convicted in 2017 for traveling to another country to join the rebels of the terrorist organization Islamic State banned in Russia.

Suspects arrived from Arnhem, the port city of Rotterdam and the villages located near these two cities. According to the intelligence of the Netherlands, the gang members planned to attack during a major event in order to hurt as many people as possible. They were also in search of additional weapons (automatic rifles, grenades, explosives).
The decision on the preliminary term of imprisonment will be taken by the judge on Friday.

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