Photo gallery: The difference between selfi on the iPhone X and on the iPhone XS

The phenomenon has already received the name – “beautytail”.

Numerous bloggers and profile media note that the front camera in the new iPhones has become “improve” the person, although Apple did not warn about it.

One of the first to unexpectedly update the camera’s capabilities complained users Reddit. They noted that the smartphone has a built-in “beauty filter”, which very much smoothes the skin and can not be turned off.

Users came to the conclusion that Apple did not act smartly, without telling the function in advance and not allowing it to be configured. Some also noted that the filter turns the skin of white people into orange.

The “filter” looks damn dreadful. It’s like someone’s bad attempt to photograph a picture with a “brush” without having the slightest idea of ​​how it’s done. Hint: european skin does not look orange. My [ayfon] constantly makes me look like the characters from the Sims.

Many compared the effect with a filter from the whisper, which smoothes the skin. One of the users said that every time it looks stupid when opening the camera application.

Blogger Lewis Hilsenteger (Lewis Hilsenteger) from the channel Unbox Therapy made a video about the effect of the camera iPhone XS. Business Insider called it “beautytail” by analogy with other problems (bendgate, antennagate) that happened with iPhones during launch.

According to 9To5Mac, Apple has already contacted the author of one of the complaints blogger Abdul Dremali (Abdul Dremali). He said that the company began to work actively to resolve the problem.

The experiment confirmed the existence of the problem. On the left is a photo on the iPhone X, on the right is a photo on the iPhone XS (in this case Max, but it’s not a matter of principle – in both new models the front camera is the same).

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