Oppo showed a unique smartphone Find X without frames

The main trend of 2018 among smartphone manufacturers is an attempt to install as much as possible a display, but at the same time to maintain a minimal frame around the perimeter.

The company Oppo came up with how to avoid all kinds of “hump”, “peninsula” and other “spots” on the front of the device, and announced a 6.4-inch Oppo Find X.

What can I say, it’s really something new and from a part of the revolutionary in a pretty podnadoevshey smartphone market with an ascetic and identical design. In this case, the main feature of Oppo Find X is precisely how this design is combined with mechanics.

The manufacturer managed to achieve the indicator in 93.8% – this is how much the screen occupies on the frontal edge of the device. But where is the self-camera, you ask?

It is not that simple. Oppo engineers decided that it would be available only if necessary. After the camera starts, a mobile module leaves the smartphone case, and the user accesses both the front and the main cameras simultaneously.

According to the manufacturer, everything takes about 0.5 seconds. Impressive, what can you say.

By the way, the main cameras in Oppo Find X are represented by sensors for 16 and 20 megapixels. Self-camera allows you to shoot at a resolution of 25 MP.

Do not forget the manufacturer and the system of face recognition. The smartphone has a full-fledged 3D scanning system, located just on the sliding part.

Realizing that such an interesting camera design can be inherent exclusively to the flagship, Oppo took care of the powerful stuffing device.

In Oppo Find X there is a Snapdragon 845 top processor, there are as many as 8 GB of operative and up to 256 GB of internal memory. The battery, by the standards of Android-devices, the average – 3,730 mAh, supports the function of fast charging.

Pre-order for Oppo Find X will open in China today. The price for the top model is 999 euros. The device will go on sale in August. TheVerge ]

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