On Tverskaya a few days there was a queue for iPhones, but the first buyer came 2.5 hours before the start of sales

And the first person who went into the store to the applause of the staff, did not buy anything.

On September 28, sales of smartphones iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max started in Russia. A few days before, a queue of dozens of people lined up near the Re: Store store, wanting to be the first to buy new items from Apple. However, the first iPhone buyer named Anatoly eventually stood in line for about 2.5 hours, RIA Novosti reported . He did not buy seats in the queue.

According to Anatoly, he went to the store at 6:30 in the morning, became 247 in the queue and bought the iPhone XS Max 512 GB. The correspondent of RIA Novosti noted that before it was called the number of coupons for at least nine people. The first eight did not show up, and the ninth one (named Valery) went to the Re: Store for applause and stated that he had bought a queue for 50 thousand rubles, but lost money on the phone.

Representative of the retailer Lyudmila Semushkina noted that the first 20 places for new iPhones were occupied by “students who wanted to make money on excitement and sell the queue number”. Numerous attempts to sell seats in the queue on Tverskaya were also told by the media. For several days, the first was Mikhail, 18, who wanted to give his place for 400,000 rubles. But a few hours before the start of sales, he broke his ticket.

In Re: store noted that on the day of the start of sales distributed about 250 coupons – before that people themselves supported the queue and even created their own ” commandments “. But in the first 40 minutes since the opening of the store iPhones were purchased by only four people. In social networks, the situation with the start of sales of smartphones from Apple was met with jokes.

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