In Ufa, they installed a tombstone for a Russian woman in the form of an iPhone

On one of the cemeteries of Ufa, a granite monument was found in the form of an iPhone. The grave belongs to the girl.

The size of the monument is with human growth. The obelisk repeats the model of the iPhone 6, on the screen of which a photograph of the deceased girl is engraved.

On the face of the monument there are a lot of nuances: proximity sensor, self-camera and conversational speaker. On the end there are the volume keys.

The history of the origin of such an obelisk and the reason why the customer expressed a desire to perform a monument to such an obelisk is unknown.

According to local representatives of funeral services, the cost of such an iPhone 6 in granite can be about 100 – 105 thousand rubles.

By the way, the cost of top-end iPhone XS and XS Max is slightly higher. UFA1 ]

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