In Russia, it will be possible to cheaply change Samsung’s smartphones to new ones every year

Starting from October 1, Russia will be leasing the flagship smartphone Galaxy Note 9 and Galaxy S9 / S9 +. Buy these models under special conditions will be available in Samsung branded stores.

The essence of leasing from the South Korean brand is that the user will be able to pay for the smartphone monthly in installments. In six months – a year the device can be changed to a new one.

True, under one condition. Free replacement of the old smartphone with a new one is possible only in the case of an ideal state of the device. Otherwise, you will have to pay extra.

Further refusal of leasing is also paid, and will cost 3,900 rubles.

According to Samsung representatives, the contract will specify the possibility of a one-time replacement of the display or the rear panel in the service center. Of course, for the money of the client. Paying the full cost of the smartphone, you can get it in the property. Vedomosti ]

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