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In Britain, a girl sells virginity for £ 2 million

The girl took advantage of the help of an escort site to find her first man and earn a large sum of money.

A resident of London, who calls herself Amy, sells her virginity for 2 million pounds. The 19-year-old British woman with the model’s exterior used the site to provide escort services for this. She wants to find the first man, earn a large sum of money and become financially independent. This is reported by DaylyStar.

The girl published a short video, as well as some personal information. Including, the names of favorite dishes and flowers, which she prefers.

Earned money from the transaction, she intends to spend to help the family, as well as education.

“I see this as a real chance to change my life for the better, help my family and give her something in return, I would also like to travel the world and pay for my own education.” I understand that I have a great chance to achieve this by selling my virginity ” , – she noted.

In support of the fact that she had never had sexual intercourse, the girl is ready to provide a special certificate from the doctor.

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