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“Her Majesty was ecstatic”: in the book about Elizabeth II they told that she has a wooden hand

She should use it when she is tired of waving to people. But I have not done this yet.

In September 2018, the English writer Robert Hardman (Robert Hardman) published a book Queen of the World, dedicated to the royal family and in particular Elizabeth II. British journalists drew attention to a fragment in which it is told that Her Majesty has a wooden hand designed to wave the crowd.

Hardman quotes the queen’s only daughter, Princess Anne: according to her, an artificial limb was given to Australian students. They thought that Her Majesty was tired of waving to people when she was going out, and she could do it with a false hand.

They gave her a glove filled with a dense material on a wooden lever, pulling for which she began to walk back and forth. It seems that they were afraid that it was too impertinent, but her Majesty was delighted.

Princess Anna
quote from the book Queen of the World

Hardman believes that the queen has not yet applied an artificial hand to the public. Presumably, she took the gift to her castle in the Scottish Balmoral, where she rests every summer. According to the author, the gift of students has become a favorite toy of the royal family.

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