Hackers cracked the iPhone XS and jailbroken. Already!

Less than a week ago, the iPhone XS went on sale, but during this time hackers from the famous team Pangu were able to crack the core of the smartphone and conduct the procedure of jailbreaking.

On the successful hacking, Alibaba security engineer Min Jeng said.

As evidence, he attached a screenshot of Root-access to the 5.8-inch iPhone XS.

Apparently, the developers of jailbreak Pangu will not have problems with the hacking of the iPhone XS Max. Both smartphones are very similar to each other and work on the basis of a single processor A12 Bionic.

Whether the Pangu team is planning to release a public version of the jailbreak utility is unknown. On the official website of Pangu, no messages have appeared yet. iClar ]

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