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Hacker promises to “remove” Mark Zuckerberg from Facebook

The ethical hacker from Taiwan planned on Sunday to broadcast the process of removing the personal page of Mark Zuckerberg from Facebook. Piquancy is added by the fact that the broadcast will be conducted in Facebook. The man refused to tell details about his plans and did not respond to press requests.

Judging by early interviews, a resident of Taiwan for 24 years, he is quite popular in his homeland. He was a guest of several TV programs, and some time ago a local public transport operator filed a suit against a young hacker for breaking the fare system by assigning a coupon for three cents.

He also found a gap in the system Apple Pay, which allowed you to pay the same three cents for 500 “iPhones.” The engineer conducted attacks on the computing power of Apple and Tesla, in 2016 he got into the “Hall of Fame of the Baghanters” of the Japanese instant messenger Line.

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