Hacked Apple’s server teenager was sentenced to 8 months on probation

In mid-August, it became known about the breaking of an Australian student server Apple . Then the guy managed to steal about 90 GB of data. In fact, the leakage of data was more global.

During several unauthorized visits to the company’s servers, the hacker uploaded about 1 TB of data.

The incident was very resonant. One of these days the court took place and the guy was sentenced – eight months probation. Although the judge himself called the crime “serious and sophisticated.”

Given the age of the hacker, and at the time of the break-in he was only 16 years old, the court went to meet and mitigated the sentence.

Investigators seized about 1 TB of Apple data from a teenager’s computer. The company has already confirmed that the guy did not receive any user data.

The boy’s dream was to work in Apple. With a conditional conviction to realize this dream will not be easy. iPhoneHacks ]

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