Do I need to buy an iPhone XS with two SIM cards?

In 2018, Apple listened to the wishes of some users and still released an iPhone with support for two SIM-cards.


The model has its own peculiarities and limitations. Now we’ll figure out why you should not look for a similar smartphone.

In which iPhone there are 2 SIM-cards


Seriously, Apple once again cheated.

Support for two SIM-cards went to only the largest smartphone iPhone XS Max . If you want to get such an opportunity in the usual iPhone XS or the budget of the iPhone XR , you’ll have to get a handset.

Do not like the “shovel”? I’ll have to forget about two SIM-cards.

Where is officially sold iPhone XS Max with two SIM-cards


iPhone XS Max with support for a pair of SIM cards is now officially sold only in China.

To get a device in other countries will be extremely problematic, and there will be problems with warranty service.

Every year, the repair of iPhones imported from other countries turns into a lottery. Someone will be lucky and the device will be repaired under warranty, and someone will have to pay for the work of repairmen from their own pocket.

How much does an iPhone XS Max with two SIMs in Russia cost?


Some stores and resellers already offer iPhone XS Max with support for two SIM-cards. Of course, such devices are more expensive than basic models.

The difference in price between models with a comparable amount of memory varies from 15 to 25 thousand rubles. Is it worth overpaying so much for a second SIM card?

The situation is unlikely to change, because the devices supporting two SIM-cards will not officially appear in our stores. Means, the prices will dictate dealers.

What problems can be in Russia for the owner of the two-pronged iPhone XS Max

The first iPhone with support for two SIM-cards can be problematic. We have not yet seen such modules in operation, we do not know their weaknesses and shortcomings.

Repair such modules in the event of a breakdown will have to be unofficial, and at first there will be a shortage of spare parts and knowledgeable in the issue of masters.

Add to this the new design of the iPhone XS Max itself, which in Russia so far no one knows. As a result, you will have the most troublesome iPhone repair of all presented at the autumn presentation.

Is it convenient to use two SIMs simultaneously on the iPhone XS Max

The vast majority of smartphones have only one radio module, the new iPhone is no exception. Only some models have a pair of GSM-blocks and are able to simultaneously receive calls to both SIM-cards.

Lovers of talking on one SIM-card will get regular puzzles on the second.

The Internet can be connected only from one card, to access the network from the second one, you will have to switch the parameter in the settings.

How to 2 SIM in iPhone XS Max are in other countries


For reference, the idea of ​​two “simok” in one device is common only in young, developing countries. China, India, Iran. Well, you understand.

In Europe and the US, almost no one bothers for two SIM cards, because this topic is not respected there. Does not it seem strange? Decent, advanced people do not want two Sims.

How convenient is it to use 2 SIMs in iOS


Alas, iOS is completely unsuited to using two SIMs in the iPhone XS Max. Everything is bad.

Yes, a separate menu with settings was added to the system, they were allowed to select a priority card for each contact and even displayed the “blue” icons on the status bar.

But you can not figure out which SIM you received incoming calls. The entire history of calls will be mixed in the log of the built-in “Phone” application.

Add to them another combination of the history of phone calls and calls via instant messengers – and a real dump is obtained.

By the way, third-party dialers for iOS though are present, but it is fully integrated into the system and you can not replace the standard application.

In short, it’s better to wait for eSIM support

Instead of chasing the iPhone XS with two SIM cards, it’s better to wait for eSIM support in Russia.

It is a pity that the use of eSIM at the moment will only happen in 10 countries: Austria, Great Britain, Hungary, Germany, India, Spain, Canada, USA, Croatia, Czech Republic . Even in these countries not all operators support a newfangled chip.

Let’s hope that the support of eSIM in the new iPhone will give impetus to the development of service in many countries, including ours. In the meantime, bypass the Chinese double-valued iPhone XS Max side.

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