Caution! If you receive an email from Apple, do not open the link

The scammers have a new trick, because of which many users can lose the data of Apple ID.

Attackers call on behalf of Apple, even the official support number of the company is displayed. And with you says “robot”.

He reports that your stolen iPhone is found. Now you will receive a link, where you can see the last location of the smartphone.

Do not open the link!

How is this possible

It looks like this. Here’s the displayed call:

Then you receive an SMS message with the following content:

Scammers use programs / services to replace this phone number with any other one. As a result, the victim does not see their number, but the one for which they paid the money.

Often, these same programs / services can also robotize the interlocutor’s voice. Therefore, many can perceive him for a real telephone robot.

The message header indicates that the sender is That is supposedly the official site of Apple.

In the same SMS, a link to is displayed. This is the fake that they want to use to steal your Apple ID. After clicking on the link, you will have to enter the account information, and then the matter will remain for a small one: enter this data on the stolen gadget.

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