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Buzova was photographed in a hockey sweater with the inscription “Konar”. Subscribers accused her of supporting Conor McGregor

The fight with Habib has nothing to do with it.

After the concert in Chelyabinsk on September 21, the singer Olga Buzova posted in the instagram a photo in the hockey sweater of the local “Traktor” team with her surname. As noted in social networks, many subscribers this image caused anger over the sponsor of the club – the Konar plant.

Some commentators mistook the name of the company with the consonant name of Irish UFC fighter Conor McGregor, who will fight against Habib Nurmagomedov on October 6 .

@ yana_dorn
@ yana_dorn

Among subscribers there were also those who appeared in solidarity with Buzovaya, although she did not support any of the fighters.

Subscribers convince Buzov to somehow clarify his position.

But while the singer did not react in any way, some commentators explain to others that they were mistaken.

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