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The seal hit the kayaker in the face with an octopus

The victim came to the conclusion that his face simply “was not at the time and in the wrong place”.

Australian Kyle Mulinder (Kyle Mulinder) went with friends on a kayak swim near the South Island of New Zealand. During the trip, the purpose of which was to test the GoPro camera, the group noticed a fight of “a huge male seal with an octopus” in the water. Friends stopped and watched the confrontation.

At some point, the seal got to one of the boats, leaned out and threw the octopus into Malinder’s face, then swam away. “It seems that I was at the wrong time and place. I’m like this: “Dude, what just happened?”. It was strange – everything went quickly, but I felt all the parts of the octopus on my face, ” added the kayaker.
The Department of Wildlife Conservation of New Zealand told The Verge that seals in those parts are not uncommon, and they often attack octopuses. But representatives of the agency stressed that infrequently in such fights people get: “It’s just a successful, well, or an unfortunate moment for a kayaker who got into the face”.

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