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The nose-cleaner at the exhibition of contemporary art: he drives himself and collects white powder

When the question “What was the author of this installation” does not even rise.

September 21 at the Italian Center for Contemporary Art The Mori Center opened theexhibition “The Way Out”, dedicated to the “experimental creation” of a group of German artists and sculptors. One of them, the Berliner Tol Palluch (Tom Palluch), dedicated the installation to moving sculptures that should reveal human habits.

The main exhibit of the German was the nose, “sniffing out” a certain white powder. The sculpture moves itself with the help of electronics – most likely a robotic vacuum cleaner. The author did not disclose his idea further.

September 27 video from the exhibition became popular on Reddit and in social networks. Users of the “home page of the Internet” laughed at contemporary art and noted that whatever the author’s idea – it turned out a huge nose, sniffing the “path” of cocaine.

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