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Pops, pizza, nose in flour: a pizzeria from Belarus turns food into a fashion accessory

Pizzeria “Pizza Planet” publishes photos of pizza in its instagram-account in the most unexpected modifications: it puts it around your neck as an accessory, paints it in cosmic silver color and even sits on it. The headquarters of this fashion-food is located in the cultural capital of Belarus – Vitebsk, where they deliver pizza and drinks around the city.

Texts to match the photo – a metaphor on the metaphor, epithet urges. “You are trapped in someone else’s provincial worries and primitive manipulation, but could go hand in hand with someone who, just as you understand the intricacies of leavening fermented milk and goes beyond the” popular “section in audio recordings, is this what?

Users also do not immediately understand the meaning of the written, but there is some charm in it. You sit, you wait, that the rich imagination of the marketer will give out next time. This account is interesting to watch at least for the sake of these strange signatures, which began to appear more recently. Prior to this, “Pizza Planet” adhered to the information style – they put their customers in an embrace with pizza and told about the latest promotions.

“I broke my brain, admin, that you smoke”

@ andruchkina23

“Guys that you smoke, I also want to”


“What’s been smoking the admin lately?”) Omit me too “

@ marrycherry93

To this format of the account has already resorted to other brands – remember the legendary “Pyshechnaya”, which in the summer of 2017 blew up Instagram with its audacious content. True, they photographed their photos, and then the guys all really – from a piece of dyed pizza in his mouth to the drawings with a sauce on his face.

In the comments are actively interested in the adequacy of admins, but the husky put generously.

How do you like this marketing?

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