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Person in Instagram: Finalist of the Miss Italy competition with a bionic prosthesis

She is 18 years old, and she likes sea and motorcycles.

One of the finalists of the contest “Miss Italy” in 2018 was the 18-year-old Chiara Bordi (Chiara Bordi), a model with a bionic leg. The girl lost her limb in 13 years, when she got into an accident, but this does not prevent her from working as a model.

After participating in the contest Bordie received in Facebook a lot of negative comments from users who suggested that she reached the finals only because of her features. “I have no legs, and you have hearts and brains,” she answered ill-wishers.

According to Bordy, she took part in the contest not so much for the sake of victory, as to show that “life is beautiful even when you have experienced a dramatic event.”

WE collected photos from the instagram model.


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