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NFL teams stopped rising during the hymn after Trump criticized individual players for this

Footballers for the second year protest against police brutality. Now this is a protest against the US president.

Team "New England Patriots". Holiday pictures AP
Team “New England Patriots”. Holiday pictures AP

On September 23, Donald Trump at a rally in Alabama spoke about the players of the National Football League (NFL), who kneel while performing the US anthem, instead of traditionally standing up. So they protest against the oppression of African Americans and interracial violence. The President called such behavior a disrespect to the national flag and advised the owners of clubs “to remove these bitches from the field.”

Later, Trump began to criticize the NFL on Twitter. He noted that attendance and television ratings of the league are falling because of boring games and fans who do not want to see people who do not respect their country. The US president urged the fans of American football not to go to the matches, until the players stop bending their knee.

If a player wants to earn millions of dollars in the NFL or other leagues, he or she should not be disrespectful of the great American flag (or country) and must stand up during the national anthem. If not, YOU are FIRED. Find yourself another occupation!

Donald Trump
President of the U.S.A

The first to kneel in the NFL began the quarterback “San Francisco” Colin Kapernik in 2016. He was followed by other athletes, which caused a wave of criticism from conservative bloggers and the media. The former US president called the act of Capernik a constitutional right to freedom of speech.

After the words of Trump League officially supported the players. September 25 was the next NFL tour, at which the protest became massive: the knee during the anthem began to bow whole teams. Those who for some reason decided not to do so, stood up “chain” to show their unity.

Team "New Orleans Saints". Holiday pictures AP
Team “New Orleans Saints”. Holiday pictures AP
Team "New York Jets". Holiday pictures AP
Team “New York Jets”. Holiday pictures AP
Team Cleveland Browns. Holiday pictures AP
Team Cleveland Browns. Holiday pictures AP
The team "Indianapolis Colts". Holiday pictures AP
The team “Indianapolis Colts”. Holiday pictures AP

Former ranger of the US Army Alejandro Villanueva of the Pittsburgh Steelers is the only representative of the club, who left the dressing room during the anthem. He listened to him standing, but near the pantrybed room.

Holiday pictures AP
Holiday pictures AP

The players were joined by coaches, assistants and stadium staff. With some teams together stood their owners.

The owner of "Jacksonville Jaguars" Shad Kahn along with the team. Holiday pictures AP
The owner of “Jacksonville Jaguars” Shad Kahn along with the team. Holiday pictures AP

On the execution of the anthem before the match between the “Tennessee Titans” and “Seattle Seahocks” did not come out any representative of both teams. The judges stood alone.

Holiday pictures AP
Holiday pictures AP

After the match, Trump said that the knee bent “a small percentage of the total number of players” and thanked the fans who were booing the team. A disgruntled buzz was heard at several stadiums, including the one where the New England Patriots played, the first club to visit the White House after Trump’s victory.

The US president once again stressed that the protest “has nothing to do with race issues” and concerns only disrespect for the flag.

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