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Meme: Adapting from Netflix

Born by a too free-flowing appeal of the producer of films and serials with primary sources.

In mid-September 2018 in the section Reddit, dedicated to meme anime, posted a picture with the evolution of the image of one of the heroines “Sailor Moon” from the manga and the classic anime to the supposed adaptation of Netflix. Hotaru Tomoe in the version from Netflix was portrayed as a dark-skinned guy in a wig.

Thus, the author of the joke noted that in his projects the American company often radically changes the established images of the characters. For example, in the adaptation of the popular manga “Death Note”, the images of the protagonists were greatly reworked: the character named L became dark-skinned, other characters also changed in the variation of Netflix. Fans of the original have criticized the creators of the film for this.

One of the latest scandals with adaptations of Netflix is ​​connected with the series on “The Witcher”. The media found an announcement about the search for actresses for the role of the heroine of Tsiri, in which there are conditions – the girl must be African-American, Asian or belong to another group of ethnic minorities. As a result, the showman has not yet released the series had to temporarily leave Twitter because of criticism of fans of books and a series of games on the “Witcher”.

The joke about the unnecessarily free treatment Netflix with the familiar images of characters fell to the users of Reddit to taste, and for a few days the meme got dozens of variations. Cinema franchises, games, supporters of theories about flat Earth and Mark Zuckerberg got to.

There were jokes about the actor-meme of Nicolas Cage.

Over time, the meme got to Twitter.

I could not stay away: I was very comfortable with the meme template.

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