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“Kaspersky Lab”: Half of the owners of phones use them to avoid live communication

According to Kaspersky Lab’s research, two-thirds (71%) of phone owners use their gadgets to avoid live communication, while 66% specifically look at the phone’s screen if they are uncomfortable with other people.

Researchers believe that people with fear of excessive socialization often resort to mobile applications to take advantage of any service. Also in the “Laboratory” they say that half of the people interviewed use their phones in order to simply “kill time”.

On the one hand, the gadget, like the Internet, is just a tool, modern convenient means of communication and receiving various services. What used to be difficult or time-consuming, with great success, makes for us applications in the smartphone – from the order of food and entertainment to communication with people thousands of miles away. On the other hand, more and more often we observe that people can communicate by means of a gadget, being in one room or sitting at a table in a cafe. Personal communication is work. One should listen, understand, manifest empathy; with a smartphone is not required, and, of course, the ability to communicate qualitatively, this necessarily affects.

Olga Bochkova
Head of the Academy of Child Safety

This research Kaspersky Lab conducted together with Opeepl in June 2018 in 15 countries. In Russia, 750 people were interviewed.

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