How do children bypass the limitations of “Screen Time” in iOS 12

Re-install applications through the AppStore and watch YouTube via iMessage.

September 17, worldwide iOS 12 became available : one of the innovations was the “Screen Time” feature. It allows you to track the time that the user spends in social networks, games or instant messengers. In it, you can limit access and set time limits for certain programs, for example, watching YouTube or chatting in WhatsApp.

Apple presented a feature including how to help parents protect children from excessive sitting in front of the screen. In a recent study published in the scientific journal Lancet Child & Adolescent Health, that the correct restriction for a child of time behind a smartphone has a positive effect on his learning abilities and memory functions.

However, 10 days after the release of iOS 12, parents began to tell stories about how their children bypass the prohibitions of “Screen Time”. Children not only learned how to cheat time counters for games, but also to gain access to banned programs on the iPhone.

  • The user Reddit described how his son circumvents the limit on the game in “Screen Time”. When the time runs out, it deletes the game, opens the AppStore and downloads it again through the “Clouds” icon. Since the game is bought, tied to the profile and iCloud is stored, the payment is not re-charged, and the counter is reset. we checked: it really works ;
  • Another user shared how his child watches YouTube, access to which is closed through “Screen Time”. My father added that he blocked browsers separately. The kid opens iMessage, sends someone a video and watches it through the application. we checked: even if you set limits on all programs, Safari remains available as a system program, and how it was blocked by the user is not specified ;
  • One iphone owner complained about his son, who even coped with the limitations of iOS 12. The teenager went into the settings and changed the date and time, as if a new day had come, and the time interval for the games began anew. we checked: it really works ;
  • Another iPhone owner, on the contrary, complained about his children, who set time limits for him in applications and change the password so that he does not stay in social networks or messengers;
  • Another forum participant remarked that he did not even try to impose restrictions on Apple for his children. “I know that the son is smarter than me. I just tell him when it’s time for a break, and he gives the iPad, as the first settlers did “;
  • One of the teenagers came to the train and told about his experience of fighting parental control on previous devices. According to him, when parents imposed restrictions on the old iOS, he wrote a skimmer application in the XCode program. It mimicked the password input window for parental control, so the teenager got the right combination the next time the dad or mom set a limit. we did not check: we do not have much free time ;
  • “I’m an expert on cybersecurity. I have for many years seen how children, including my own, do what experts of leading states could not. Just give up. There is no application, operating system, firewall or proxies that would defeat the child, “- summed up one of the users of the Apple forum.
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