Hacked Apple servers an adolescent received eight months of probation

A guy from Australia who was able to access Apple’s servers was sentenced to eight months of probation. At the time of the beginning of his “career” he was only sixteen years old. The name of the hacker is not disclosed. There is evidence that the teenager acted with an accomplice who is even younger. On the fate of the second guy there is no information.

Previously it was assumed that the hacker got data at 90 GB, while the real figure was much higher – about 1 TB of files. The prosecutor noted that the teenager showed high professionalism when hacking Apple’s servers.

The guy for a long time had access to protected files. When the Cupertins learned about unauthorized access, they applied to the FBI. Ultimately, the unique number of the Macbook, from which the hack happened, led the operatives to a young hacker. During the interrogation, the guy confessed that he had been fascinated with Apple’s technology for a long time and he really wanted to work in the corporation.

Later, Apple reported that the user data remained intact.

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