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Columbia lied about pregnancy, so that her husband did not leave her, and before her childbirth imitated kidnapping

She claimed that unknown persons put her to sleep and took her child.

A resident of the Colombian city of Barranquilla, Antonella Milena Santiago Padilla (Antonella Milena Santiago Padilla) imitated a pregnancy so that her husband did not leave her. When the term of birth came, she invented her abduction and kidnapped the child.

The woman told her relatives that on September 22 she went to a neighboring district to collect the money that she owed. There, unknown people put her in a red car, put her to sleep and removed her baby from the womb. She supposedly realized what had happened only when the effect of the soporific substance had come down. According to Padilla, the attackers wanted to sell her child on the black market.

Padilla’s family was worried about her condition and took her to the hospital, although the woman did not want her to be examined by doctors. When the doctors found out that she had gone to collect money, they were surprised – according to Padilla, on the same day she had to give birth to a child.

Policemen interviewed people in the area where Padilla went, but they did not confirm her testimony. The doctors who examined her did not find any traces of soporific in the analyzes. They also found out that the woman was not pregnant.

According to the publication Infobae, a woman simulated pregnancy with the help of a false belly. As reported by his mother-in-law Padilla, despite the fact that the stomach was of small size, this did not cause any suspicion. As the police found out, the woman put rags in an overhead belly to increase it. She also printed a picture of the ultrasound from the Internet, and showed it to her relatives as her own. As the husband who lived with Padilla in the same house, did not suspect anything – it is not known.

Now Padilla is threatened with punishment for deceiving the authorities and threatening health to those who really needed medical help.

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