The production of the iPhone XS Max for $ 1,300 costs Apple $ 443

The iPhone Xs Max is the most expensive mass Apple smartphone in history. The price of the model in the US starts from $ 1099 for the junior version and jumps up to one and a half thousand dollars for the iPhone with 512 GB of memory. But I wonder how much an American corporation spends on the production of each Xs Max? The guys from TechInsights have counted everything .

So, the total price of components for the average modification of the iPhone Xs Max with 256 GB of internal memory is $ 443. At the same time in the corporate store for this model asking for $ 856 more.

The most expensive display is worth $ 80.5. It’s only $ 3 more expensive than last year’s iPhone X. In $ 72, the A12 Bionic processor costs, which is $ 6 more than its predecessor. The cost of the camera has grown from $ 42.8 to $ 44, and memory – from $ 45.35 to $ 64.5.

Note that the cost of a smartphone is not limited only to the cost of individual components of the device. It is also necessary to take into account the costs of development, research, tests, assembly and many other factors.

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