Samsung launches a leasing program for flagship smartphones

The participants of the program will pay for the smartphone every month and will be able to exchange it for a new gadget in 12 or 6 months.

Flagship smartphones Samsung in Russia can be leased, Vedomosti reported citing a representative of the South Korean manufacturer Elena Kruchinina.

According to Kruchinina, when leasing the client will pay for the device every month and will be able to replace it with a new one in six months or a year. In the case of a lease for six months, as well as for refusing to lease, you will have to pay 3900 rubles. Exchange smartphone in excellent condition for another can be free of charge, and in case of return of the broken device also have to pay.

If the customer has fully paid the amount of the smartphone, then he has the right to take it to the property. The program will be distributed to Galaxy Note 9 and Galaxy S9 / S9 + and will be operational from October 1.

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