Reddit merged the trailer for the new “X-Men.” He is with the Russian text and voice acting

Presumably, the leak occurred at the Kino Expo exhibition.

The user Reddit under the nickname “fuckfoxshit” (“To hell fuck Fox”) published a movie from the movie screen trailer of the movie “X-Men: The Dark Phoenix”. The video is completely translated into Russian and professionally voiced.

The trailer runs two and a half minutes, but it’s almost impossible to see, because the shooting was conducted because of the seats in the cinema. Against the background, the song The Doors “The End” is playing, and the video tells the story of the superhero Jean Gray.

The video also hears a translation, which, presumably, the localizers of the Twentieth Century Fox CIS have done. At the beginning of the video, the name of Vadim Smirnov, the general director of the Russian branch of the company, is written.

As noted by , the trailer was presumably filmed at the “Kino Expo” exhibition, which took place in St. Petersburg from September 18 to 21.  interlocutors, who visited the event, confirmed that they showed this video. At the event annually held closed screenings of promotional videos of future film premieres for industry employees.

Sources in the film business said that the “Twentieth Century Fox CIS” intentionally showed the trailer outside the “Kino Expo” because of security problems. However, the cinema “Colosseum”, where the show was held, also did not remove the phones, and the guards did not use night vision devices.

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