Qualcomm accused Apple of stealing classified data on chips and transferring them to Intel to improve iPhones

The company believes that Apple itself has tried to improve the performance of chips.

The manufacturer of chips for mobile devices Qualcomm accused Apple of stealing “a huge amount” of confidential information about modems and transferring it to Intel. This was reported to CNBC referring to the materials of the court.

According to Qualcomm’s new allegations, Apple systematically stole commercial “secrets” for “several years” and handed them over to Intel engineers – the direct competitor of the manufacturer. The lawsuit states that Apple violated the terms of the software agreement to improve the performance of Intel chips using stolen source code.

According to Qualcomm, Apple intended to solve technical problems that led to a lower speed of Intel’s modems in iPhones compared to Qualcomm. The claimant did not provide direct evidence in support of the charges, but noted that he had become familiar with the “data exchange” between Apple and Intel engineers. Sources CNBC explained that it is not only about e-mail correspondence, but also about the history of the development of the source code of Apple, as well as the code in phones based on Intel.

Qualcomm filed a petition with the US court to add new charges to the existing lawsuit against Apple. Intel does not match.

Apple and Intel did not respond to CNBC’s requests for comments.

The current charges became part of a large patent dispute between Qualcomm and Apple. It began in January 2017, when Apple filed a claim for a billion dollars, accusing the vendor of abuse of the market and the creation of difficult licensing conditions for patents. In November, Qualcomm filed a counterclaim because of a breach of the agreement, under which Apple had to reliably store the provided source code.

In 2017, Apple claimed that Qualcomm’s “illegal practices” were harmful to Apple and the industry: “They provided us with one component, but for years they demand a share of the total cost of our products.” The company also stated that it should not refund anything to the supplier “for technological breakthroughs, to which they have nothing to do.” In response to a new CNET request, the Apple representative repeatedthe statement.

First, Apple used only Qualcomm modems, but in 2016-2017 installed Intel modules in devices designed for some countries and operators. The iPhone, released in 2018, uses modems only from Intel.

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