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Moscow Marathon-2018 in figures

On which, by the way, the employees of the Committee ran 10 km, and Danil – 42.

Do not think that I’m advertising races. I’m just for everyone to do physical training. And running is just my hobby, as well as sawing vidosiki. Therefore, if anyone in the subject and ran the Moscow Marathon, you may be interested in seeing this event with a different look.

The Moscow marathon is the most massive race in Russia. This is the sixth marathon: there were more than 27,000 runners on the track, of which more than 2,500 are foreigners, and it’s not about the CIS countries.

The race is so big that it took him:

  • 85 thousand liters of water;
  • 255 thousand disposable cups;
  • 155 thousand sponges (runners are hot in the race, even in the rain);
  • 9 tons of bananas;
  • 3 tons of oranges;
  • 3,5 tons of apples;
  • 4 thousand liters of isotonic;
  • 20 thousand gels;
  • 16 thousand cans of non-alcoholic beer. What – I will not say, is still a shnyaga;
  • 24 ambulances on duty. This time, thank God, nothing serious has happened.

I ran just 10 kilometers in this race, but I got a lot of emotions, which I shared in my video report. All of health!

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