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Mem: Moth and Lamp

The story of the deadly thrust of an insect to the bright light, told with the help of dozens of templates from other memes.

Often a meme is a certain pattern or design that is changed a little if necessary. But sometimes a meme becomes a hero who “roams” in other patterns. Around them on Reddit can arise whole communities: for example, a section with memes about demanding with 200 thousand subscribers. The same motivating hero in September was the moth, who wanted to get to the lamp.

It all started with a photo of the “frightening” moth outside the window, published in the r / creery section on Reddit. The most popular comment was the assumption that the insect asks: “Hey, dude, do you have LAMPS?”.

The phrase is a reference to the fact that moths constantly fly to the light. Scientists do not know exactly why they do it. One of the options – night moths use the moon as navigation, and an artificial light source knocks them down. In any case, on the “main page of the Internet” they remembered this fact and wrapped it in jest.

About moths again remembered on September 21, when another user of Reddit shared a video with the “devilish insect”. And again in the comments joked about craving for lamps

After that, in sections r / dankmemes and r / memeconomy, they began to rewrite various templates for memes, adding to them a moth from previous posts and a lamp. The plot is the same: the insect loves the light too much and is ready to reach it by any means.

“All moths want only one thing, and it’s disgusting. Lamp »

“It is a paradise?”

“Phones are just portable lamps”

“Oh, hello / What the hell. Who are you? / I’m Thomas Edinson, I created it / I love you ”

"It (shows in the sun) is amazing, but I like it (it shows the lamp)"
“It (shows in the sun) is amazing, but I like it (it shows the lamp)”
“Cocaine, marijuana, beer, lamp”

"She:" Probably, he thinks of other girls "/ He:" Lamp ""

“She:” Probably, he thinks of other girls “/ He:” Lamp “”
“Lamp – a moth – anything else”

If there is no lamp, another light source will work.

Often the moths’ pull to the light is deadly for them. Jokes were also devoted to this.

“- Captain, we are moving directly to the lighthouse / – I know, brother”

“The Trojan horse in the form of a lamp, inside – a trap for moths”

“Who will win: 190 million years of evolution or one bright dude?”

To popularize the meme, more specific sections of Reddit have joined. For example, sabredit , in which you can publish only very tightly clipped pictures.

“Do you need anything in IKEA? / – / / – Lamp”

Relations between moths and lamps were shifted to films and cartoons.

"- Professor, what does this mirror do? "It shows no more and no less than the deepest desire in our hearts"
“- Professor, what does this mirror do? “It shows no more and no less than the deepest desire in our hearts”

“Aladdin:” Help me to get up! “/ Motylok:” Give me a lamp! “”

About the purposeful insect appeared comics.

“They said that I was insane. But is it insanity to have need of something, something that attracts you? That’s why I have to see it with my own eyes. A true lamp “

Mem also reached Russia – but so far only in the form of pictures already published in the West.

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