In Russia, the production of Zenit cameras will be revived. Leica took part in the project

Cameras come in a limited series and will cost 5-6 thousand euros.

September 26 at the Photokina 2018 in Cologne announced a joint project of Leica and the Krasnogorsk plant named after SA Zverev, who produced the famous Soviet cameras Zenit. The factory will start the production of Zenit M cameras: they will be released in a limited design and with an individual number; in all, 500 copies will be available in Russia and Europe.

The camera “Zenith M” is developed on the basis of the camera Leica M, odako has some differences in the component base and software, and its design repeats the appearance of the cameras of the family “Zenith” and “Sharp.”

Photo of the press service of the “Schwabe” holding, which includes the Krasnogorsky plant named after SA Zverev

Leica in the project will act as a camera manufacturer and a supplier of component products, and lenses will be completely manufactured from Russian raw materials at the Krasnogorsk plant. According to the representative of the plant, the use of the new camera will be equally effective for both professionals and beginners in photography.

The exact price of the camera has not yet been named, but it will “be in the premium segment from five to six thousand euros.”

By default, the Leica camera can not stand in the price segment with mass production cameras. Leica has the equal sign between its name and the word quality. They conveyed all the necessary technical parameters, which we committed to observe in the production of lenses.

representative of the Krasnogorsky Plant named after SA Zverev

In Europe, sales of Zenit M start in December, in Russia in January 2019. The camera will be available for purchase in the online store “Zenith” and in some specialized photographic equipment stores.

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