In China, built a new skyscraper. To users of social networks its form seemed not very decent

And then someone else published a fake video, as fireworks start from the top of the building, which only strengthened the association.

In August, a new multi-story media center was built in Guangxi province in the south of China , the work on which lasted about two years. A full-fledged opening is planned for the fall of 2018: according to the architect’s idea, the exterior of the building should repeat the landscape of the province and remind residents of their native lands. But in social networks ridiculed skyscraper for a phallic form.

On September 24, the media center was again in the news headlines. On this day in China, celebrate the mid-autumn holiday, and in his honor buildings usually include night illumination. On the day of the holiday in the Chinese service Douyin (analogue YouTube) published a video with aerial photography of the Guangxi sky scraper.

On the video from the top of the illuminated building, fireworks are allegedly launched, which again caused users of social networks to associate with the penis. Later the movie was noticed in the West.

“Customer:” I like it, but you do not think that this building is a little … well, you know … too similar to the penis? “. Architect: “Do not worry, there will be so many fireworks and lights on the opening night that no one will notice”

A representative of Guangxi Broadcasting and Television Network, which owns a skyscraper, told Chinese journalists that the movie with fireworks is a fake. “We turned on the illumination of the facade, but just displayed the image of the moon. Some users added fireworks and fountains to the video. All sorts of things, “he added.

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