Boring “Manifesto” about stupid people. Express review of the NF-series NBC

A few days ago, a pilot series of another fantastic TV show with an intriguing title “Manifesto” was released. His show is covered by the NBC channel, and for the creation of the project is Jeff Rake, who wrote the script and acted as producer for such TV series as “Bones”, “People of the Future” and some others. “Manifesto” attracted attention long before the premiere – it was compared in absentia with “Lost”, and it’s worth a lot.

The word “manifesto” conjures up thoughts about something about a political or social phenomenon, but in reality everything is simpler – the term “passenger manifesto”. This is a document that lists the persons carried on board the aircraft. The story begins exactly with the departure of flight 828 of one of the American airlines, which during the flight moves in time for five years ahead – in the fall of 2018.

Even from the first minutes of the viewer introduced to the family, which is in full force is preparing to fly, but fate shares them. Next, the writers chose a swift tempo of the narrative – in the next episodes it will almost certainly result in regular flashbacks and stories about the past. Now the showrunners should attract the attention of the audience. There is no mystery in how events will develop, and very soon we will learn about the transfer in time.

The visual series of the “Manifesto” discord with the actors’ play and the actions of their characters. Shooting and editing at the level, but everything else causes boredom – because of the patterns in their worst manifestation. As in the primitive “Hundred”, the heroes of which instantly adapted on Earth, having lived their whole life in space, the passengers of the ill-fated flight already in a couple of days got used to the future. The authorities behave like this: “Enough lying, you were flying in the sky for five years, and now have landed! Tell me where the drugs, weapons are hidden, and why you’re all lying! “

That there was no misunderstanding, the characters actively comment on what is happening: “No, in these five years we have not grown old, it’s been around for five years. A couple of hours passed for us. We flew in an airplane and moved in time. This means that everything around has changed, and we are the same. ” True, for these five serial years nothing has changed, there is no break-up or ecstasy about the new world.

There is only an in-depth and boring psychoanalysis of relations, an attempt to regain lost life and allusions to the fact that “very soon everything will go awry.” At the same time, the paranoid mood of travelers in time is growing, the idea of ​​conspiracy theories is sounding, some voices are sounding in the head … Schizophrenia? No, this is something beyond the limits of human understanding. All packed in a few tens of minutes, but lure the creators of the series is not too successful.

“Manifesto” is more like not Lost, but at 4400. The latter told about people who were abducted for tens of years by aliens, and then unexpectedly returned. Someone has superpowers, and they all seek the truth. And she “is somewhere near.” Approximately the same expects in the series NBC.

While the “Manifesto” does not cause that interest, such as the “Black Mirror”, “Mysterious Events”, “The Double” (“The Other Side”) or “The Man in the High Castle”, although he aspires to seriousness. Maybe the next episodes that will come out in October will change the situation. This happens, but, as practice shows, it is rare. The “Manifesto” is predictable, as the next issue of “Kalyhanki” and to the laurels of “Staying alive” can not claim.

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