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A pair of gay penguins kidnapped a penguin from their heterosexual relatives

Everything ended well. The penguin was returned , and the conflict between the pairs of penguins was resolved.

A pair of homosexual penguins living in a Danish zoo kidnapped the penguin at their heterosexual relatives. This incident was told by a member of the Zoo Sandi Munch. Two penguins decided to steal, because the cub was left unattended. His mother went swimming, and her father just got distracted. When the parents returned and found the loss, they pretended that they never had a cub. Usually the female behaved quite aggressively towards people who were too close to her chick. After stealing the penguin, she went to find her baby. Mother hunted the cub and began to find out the relationship with the homosexual penguins trying to protect the appropriated chick.

Eventually, the zoo staff intervened. They returned the young to their parents and decided to give the gay penguins an egg that the other female could not tolerate.

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