Users complain massively about problems with the Internet in the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max

No time for users to buy new iPhones, as the first problems appeared. Apparently, the problem is massive.

Readers of MacRumors have created a whole line of angry messages, which at the time of this writing, 21 pages. All of them complain about the drop in connection speed with the Internet: both over Wi-Fi and through LTE.

Here is one example:

I’m in South Carolina at VZW. My iPhone X consistently shows 3 or 4 strips of LTE in the house at a stable speed.

I activated XS Max yesterday, and when I first turn on / connect LTE (reboot, airplane mode, etc.), I get almost identical performance.

Within a minute or two the signal deteriorates, and the Internet stops working. Disabling LTE leads to a full 3G signal, with 3G – no problems. Re-enabling LTE runs for a minute or two.

Some people assume that the problem is tied to an operator, or a modem. So, AT & T customers have almost no problems, whereas Verizon has everything bad.

But there is another problem with Wi-Fi. Some complain that the new iPhone XS and XS Max work better in 2.4 GHz networks, rather than in the 5 GHz band.

Personally, I can confirm the second problem. My iPhone XS Max works very hard with “wi-fay” 5 GHz. But at the same time, it feels great at 2.4 GHz. And the smartphone often switches itself to this frequency.

What can I say … we are waiting for the prompt update of the software from Apple. Macrumors

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