This is the average iPhone owner in Russia

Beeline specialists determined the portrait of the average iPhone owner. Who would have thought, but there was quite a lot of interesting information.

What is the average age of iPhone owners?

52% of iPhone users are men. And someone said that some girls (only 48%) are using this technique. What do you say now?

This year, more than 60% of owners aged 25-44 years. Surprisingly, last year almost one-third of all Beeline subscribers on iOS were people over 55 years old.

Who generates more traffic?

As it turned out, most of the traffic is brought by the owners:

• iPhone 8 Plus 
• iPhone X

What are the most popular models?

And if you think that everyone ran to buy top iPhones last year, then it’s not like that. Beeline experts say that the most popular models in 2018:

• iPhone 5s 
• iPhone 6 
• iPhone 7

Yes Yes. Someone still walks with the iPhone 5s and does not experience because of the release of new devices. Yes, and iOS 12 now came out, which works very well on these smartphones.

What are the most popular instant messengers?

It’s funny that in this case in the messenger, and social networks is the owners “pros” often sit, not small gadgets. They often use Instagram, VK, Classmates, WhatsApp, Viber, Skype. Hmm, where is Telegram? 🙁

Where do iPhone owners rest?

In addition, most often allow themselves to go on a journey can owners of the iPhone X. Of these, 50% are walking around the country, but only 25% – around the world.

Then what is the portrait of the iPhone owner in Russia?

It turns out that we have a portrait like this: young iPhone owners like to travel, go more often with “pluses” or with X, and also sit a lot in instant messengers and social networks.

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